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Introduction to Ada

This series of articles is an introduction to Ada 95. The content is in the process of being updated to reflect the revisions introduced in Ada 2005 and the revisions currently underway for Ada 2012. But this is still an excellent introduction into the core technical features and benefits of Ada.

Read the article

Ada 2012 Books

Programming in Ada 2012
by John Barnes

Beginning Ada Programming
by Andrew Shvets
(also available from Amazon

Learning Ada 2012 by writing simple games (E-Book)
by David C. Levy
Examples for this book can be downloaded here.

Ada 2005 Books

Ada Distilled (E-Book, Jan 2011 edition)
by Richard Riehle

Ada for Software Engineers
by M. Ben-Ari

Ada Plus Data Structures: An Object Oriented Approach
by Nell Dale and John W. McCormick

Building Parallel, Embedded, and Real-Time Applications with Ada
by John W. McCormick, Frank Singhoff, and Jérôme Hugues

Concurrent and Real-Time Programming in Ada
by Alan Burns and Andy Wellings

Programming in Ada 2005
by John Barnes

Ada 95 Books

Ada As A Second Language
by Norman Cohen

Programming in Ada 95
by John Barnes

Concurrency in Ada
by Alan Burns and Andy Wellings

Ada 95: Problem Solving and Program Design
by Michael Feldman and Elliot Koffman

Programming and Problem Solving with Ada 95
by Nell Dale, Chip Weems, and John W. McCormick

Rendezvous with Ada 95
by David J. Naiditch

Ada95: The Craft of Object Oriented Programming (E-Book)
by John English

Object Oriented Programming in Ada95 (E-Book)
by Michael A. Smith
[Note: The download links on the above page seem broken. The book is available for free download at computer-books.us].


Building High Integrity Applications with SPARK
by John W. McCormick and Peter Chapin

SPARK – The Proven Approach to High Integrity Software
by John Barnes


Project Polymath Ada 2012 Tutorial
This tutorial is aimed at programmers unfamiliar with Ada. It uses the example of a simple Lisp interpreter to illustrate the construction of Ada programs. Find part 2 of this tutorial here.

Ada – A Crash Course
Ada – A Crash Course by Peter Chapin is an Ada (2012 edition) tutorial with examples. Source files for the example programs can be found here. As of this writing, it is only partially completed. The latest version and source material can be found on Github.

Learn.AdaCore.Com (from an ARA sponsor)
This interactive learning platform is designed to teach the Ada and SPARK programming languages.

Ada Lovelace Tutorial
The Ada Lovelace Tutorial by David A. Wheeler provides an introduction to Ada 95. Although the reader is assumed to have a basic understanding of programming, no prior exposure to Ada is assumed and all the basics of the language are covered.

by John J. Herro
An on-line Ada 95 tutorial including examples.

Ada on ARM Cortex-M
This is a tutorial aimed at programmers wanting to use Ada to program embedded systems with ARM chips. It uses examples based on the Arduino Due board, a powerful single board computer.

A series of video tutorials on Ada Java Interfacing and AUnit (Unit Testing Framework) by Daniel Bigelow:

Ada Java Interfacing

AJIS Part 1: Ada-Java Interfacing Suite 1 of 2

AJIS Part 2: Ada-Java Interfacing Suite 2 of 2

AUnit – Unit Testing Framework

Part 1: Framework Overview

Part 2: Simple Test-Case Class Tutorial

Part 3: Standard Test-Case Tutorial

Part 4: Fixture Test-Case Tutorial

Part 5: Liskov Substitution Principle: 1 of 2

Part 5: Liskov Substitution Principle: 2 of 2

Part 6: Testing a class hierarchy using the Standard Test-Case: 1 of 2

Part 6: Testing a class hierarchy using the Standard Test-Case: 2 of 2

Part 7: Testing Generic Units: 1 of 2

Part 7: Testing Generic Units: 2 of 2

Part 8: Java Ada Comparison 1 of 1

Social Media

Use the following sites to connect with other Ada users and to ask and answer questions about Ada.

The venerable Ada news group. A searchable archive that goes back to 1982 can be found at https://archive.legitdata.co/comp.lang.ada/. Topics up February 2024 can be found on Google Groups, but they no loner support new traffic. The best way to access news groups is through a news server and reader program; as these are specific to particular platforms, we cannot give a recommendation.

Linkedin Ada Group
The LinkedIn Ada Group.

Ada at Stackoverflow
Questions and answers about Ada on StackOverflow, the programmer’s Q&A site.

Ada for Microcontrollers
A forum with questions and answers about using Ada for Microcontrollers.

Ada Forum
An active discussion group for Ada users.

Ada on Gitter
A community of Ada developers.

Ada on Telegram
An active community of Ada developers.

Technical Resources

Ada 2012 Reference Manual
Online and downloadable versions of the Ada 2012 reference manual.

Ada 2005 Reference Manual
Online and downloadable versions of the Ada 2005 reference manual.

Ada 95 Reference Manual
An online version of the Ada 95 reference manual.

Ada 2005
All things Ada 2005 in Ada Answers

Ada Conformity Assessment Authority
The Ada Conformity Assessment Authority is responsible for the management of Ada conformity assessment.

ISO Home of Ada Standards
A summary of the present state of the standardization of Ada, current developments, and a brief history of the standardization of the Ada language.

FAA Software Verification Tools Assessment Study
The Software Verification Tools Assessment Study (SVTAS) was a research effort to investigate criteria for effectively evaluating structural coverage analysis tools for use on projects intended to comply with RTCA/DO-178B, “Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment.” Ada is mentioned several times.

NASA Software Safety Guidebook
This guidebook was created to provide specific information and guidance on the process of creating and assuring safe software. Once again, Ada is mentioned several times. (Download PDF here.)

Election Assistance Commission Guidelines
This guidebook was created to provide specific information and guidance on the process of creating software for use in US voting machines. Not surprisingly in section 6.4.1, Ada is mentioned several times.


Ada Answers (from an ARA sponsor)
Hear what developers and technology decision makers have to say about Ada in this series of videos interviews.

Ada Lecture Series (from an ARA sponsor)
Learn more about Ada through this informative series of university lectures and conference presentations given by some of the foremost experts on the language..

Real Time Embedded Systems Laboratory (requires realplayer)
See an example of how the University of Northern Iowa uses Ada and GNAT to teach its students sound software development practices.

Web Sites

Wikibooks Ada Programming
The Wikibooks Ada Programming Wiki covers many Ada topics in a tutorial style.

Reddit Ada Programming
Moderated collection of links to news, articles, and other items of interest about the Ada programming language.

Ada Answers (from an ARA sponsor)
Ada Answers is dedicated to keeping developers and project managers informed about Ada and showcasing the particular strengths and benefits of this extremely powerful programming language.

Get Ada Now
Get Ada Now provides a quick start to acquiring and installing a free Ada development system for your computer, and then showing learning resources for getting up to speed.

A site dedicated to Ada programming, tools and resources.

Ada Tips
Tips on using the Ada Programming Language.

Ada Programmer Interviews
This is series of interviews with software developers interested in Ada programming language.

This is a community-developed site with various information on Ada, as well as an active forum (see above).

Conferences, Events and Webinars

Visit the events page for the latest conferences, events and webinars on Ada.
View the events page

Comprehensive Bibliography

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Nelson H. F. Beebe at the University of Utah has used tools to search the collected bibliographies of over 784,000 publications to create a bibliography of publications on the Ada Programming Language, Charles Babbage, and Ada Lovelace. This bibliography is updated frequently, and contains (as of this writing) over 1500 entries. A PDF version can be accessed at http://ftp.math.utah.edu/pub//tex/bib/adabooks.pdf. Other formats can be found at http://www.math.utah.edu/pub/tex/bib/index-table-a.html#adabooks.

The bibliography doesn’t include articles in the Ada User Journal or SIGAda’s Ada Letters, these have their own bibliographies, http://ftp.math.utah.edu/pub//tex/bib/adauserj.pdf and http://ftp.math.utah.edu/pub//tex/bib/sigada.pdf, respectively.

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